GDPR Essentials Certified Companies

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GDPR Essentials Certified Companies have either undergone a verified self-assessment (Essentials) or a GDPR Essentials Plus Audit (Essentials+). To view the companies certificate click on the company name. If you require help implementing GDPR Essentials you need an Practitioner, or if you are ready for certification you will need a Certification Body.

If you are looking to become certified please CLICK HERE

 Company Identifier

 Company Name Certification Location Re-certification
QGGDPR001 Burnetts Solicitors GDPR Essentials Carlisle 14/07/17
QGGDPR002 Indelible Data GDPR Essentials Maryport 14/07/17


QG Business Solutions Ltd

Westwinds, Lambley Bank,
Scotby, Carlisle

t 01228 631681