PCI Compliance for SMEs

If you process customers payments using a payment card machine you must secure their data to meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules.

Small business are easy targets for data thieves. It’s your responsibility to protect the cardholders data.

If the cardholders data is stolen, and it’s your fault, it may result in fines, penalties and even termination of your contract to accept payment cards!

As you are reading this page you may have recently received a letter from your payment card processing machine supplier informing you that you need to complete a self-assessment on line to ensure that you are compliant with the PCI Standards, if you haven’t watch out for it.

It should be stressed at this point that you can go onto the site and complete the self-assessment yourself, free of charge and become a compliant merchant.

However, as you are reading this you have probably been on the site and are probably unsure of what to do.

Here at QG Management Standards we support a number of businesses implement Business Management Systems, including Information Security, and were highlighted to the fact that a number of our regular clients were simply finding it difficult to understand what they needed to do to become PCI compliant. The sites they were directed to were difficult to use, were very ‘American’ in their language and at the end of it all they were not sure that they had put the correct information in. On top of that it informs them that processes and procedure need to be implemented, along with staff training to be compliant.

Therefore, given our information security experience led by Tony Wilson (CISSP), a qualified independent information security professional, we are now able to offer a service to give you the tools and expertise to complete the correct self-assessment, enter the correct information and you have a suite of documents including policies, procedures and training manuals.

The Service

An Information Security Specialist will visit your premises and;

  • Establish which self-assessment you require to complete,
  • Sit with you and correctly complete the self-assessment questionnaire and
  • Provide you with bespoke policies, procedures and training manuals.

If required we can also provide an information security health check and PCI compliance audit on an annual basis.

Tony Wilson is an Independent Information Security Professional click on his photo to view his profile


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