Cyber Essentials Certified Companies

Cyber Essential Certified Companies have either undergone a verified self-assessment (CE) or a Cyber Essentials Plus Vulnerability test (CE+). To view the companies certificate click on the company name. If you require help implementing Cyber Essentials you need an ACE Practitioner, if you want to do it yourself but need training you need an ACE Training Partner and if your ready for certification you need a Certification Body.



wdt_ID  Identifier  Company  Certification  Location Country  Re-cert  Date
17  QGCE026 IGURU  CE Darwen England January  2018
36  QGCE055  Stephensons Solicitors LLP  CE  Leigh England November  2017
65  QGCE099  BBS IT Associates Ltd (Assurance Matters)  CE  Swindon England January  2018
95 QGCE142 IDT911 Ventures Ltd CE PLUS Galway, Ireland Ireland December 2017
127 QGCE177 The 4th Utility CE Handforth England January 2018
129 QGCE179 Bristow & Sutor CE Redditch England December 2017
136 QGCE186 jeremy wilde ltd CE Haslemere England January 2018
137 QGCE187 G2G3 Digital Ltd CE Sheffield England January 2017
138 QGCE188 Bright Future Software Limited CE Greater Manchester England January 2017
141 QGCE191 European Education Consultants Ltd CE Bolton England January 2017


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