Equality & Diversity Essentials

The QG Equality & Diversity Management Standard, Equality & Diversity Essentials has been written using the principles defined in the equality act  2016 which helps SME’s understand their responsibilities when working with public sector bodies and gives them the opportunity to implement a fit for purpose foundation system into their company. The standards are recognised as an externally accredited equality & diversity management system and can be used to gain business through PQQ’s and tenders.

The QG system has two levels of assurance;

  • Equality & Diversity Essentials
  • Equality & Diversity Essentials PLUS

You define which level of assurance you require by utilising the risk matrix below……

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Assurance Levels

Equality & Diversity Essentials

To qualify for  your Equality & Diversity Essentials Certificate you are required to provide evidence that you meet the Equality & Diversity Essentials Requirements. We have made this easy for you by providing a Equality & Diversity Essentials Questionnaire that asks you the relevant questions, you’ll need to attach some items such as screen grabs or policy notes to evidence compliance. On completing the questionnaire to our satisfaction you will be awarded your Equality & Diversity Essentials Certificate. The successful completion of the QG Equality & Diversity Management template* meets this requirement.

Equality & Diversity Essentials PLUS

You may be required to provide further assurance to your customers that you meet the requirements of the Equality & Diversity Essentials programme. This is called Equality & Diversity Essentials PLUS and involves an audit at your premises of your management systems as well as the completion of your questionnaire.

Risk Matrix


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