QG Management Standards

QG Standards map of products update 2018

The QG Management Standards have been written using the principles of ISO 9001/14001/27001 & OHSAS 18001 which helps SME’s understand the management system and then gives them an opportunity to implement a fit for purpose foundation system into their company. The standards are recognised as an externally accredited management system and can be used to gain business through PQQ’s and tenders.

The QG system has two levels of assurance;

  • Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals PLUS


To obtain your Fundamentals Certificate you are required to provide evidence that you meet the Fundamentals Requirements. We have made this easy for you by providing a standard questionnaire that asks you the relevant questions, you’ll need to attach some items such as screen grabs or policy notes to evidence compliance. On completing the questionnaire to our satisfaction you will be awarded your Fundamentals Certificate. The successful completion of the QG Management template* meets this requirement.

Fundamentals PLUS

You may be required to provide further assurance to your customers that you meet the requirements of the Fundamentals programme. This is called Fundamentals PLUS and involves an audit at your premises of your management systems (for Cyber Essentials PLUS some technical testing) as well as the completion of your questionnaire. As this level of assurance needs a site visit costs can vary.

Risk Matrix

The level of the requirements are defined in the risk matrices. There are two matrices;


Each standard comes with their own set of documentation, they can be downloaded below;



Health & Safety

Information Security

QG Accredited Practitioner Support

QG Accredited Practitioners have been trained by ourselves in the implementation of the QG Management Standard.  They each use the QG Management template* to build and document your management system and will provide a system fully compliant with the QG Standard. It would not be right for Practitioners to do this alone, whilst they’ll give you guidance to produce the documentation you are required to implement the system into your own organisation. When systems are combined such as Quality and Environment only one document will be produced to  combine the systems. QG Accredited Practitioners are independent to QG Business Solutions the operator of the scheme. Practitioner support can be a combination of onsite and offsite support.

QG Assessors (Essentials PLUS)

QG Assessors carry out assessments on site against the QG Management Standards. They may or may not be Accredited Practitioners but they WILL NOT be the same Practitioner that you have used for your implementation.

*QG Management Template

The QG Management Template is a copyrighted document used by QG Accredited Practitioners to implement systems to the QG Standards. Use of the template and practitioners can often be more cost effective than doing it yourself as systems are generally compliant first time.






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