QG-GDPR Practitioners Register

QG Management Standards have developed a standard to which organisation can assess themselves relative to the GDPR requirements  and have developed a number of channels for partners to provide services to companies wanting to achieve the standard.

Please feel free to contact QG-GDPR Practitioners by clicking on their email below.

GDPR Practitioners

wdt_ID QG No. Name Company Approval City Renewal Date email
1 002 Tony Wilson Indelible Data Maryport 17/07/2018 gdpr@indelibledata.co.uk
4 001 Joanne Stronach Cartmell Shepherd Carlisle 15/07/2018 joanne.stronach@cartmells.co.uk
6 003 Kate Armstrong Blueshadow Growth Agency Cockermouth 15/01/2019 kate@blueshadowmarketing.co.uk
10 004 Walter McLean Selcom York 01/03/2019 w.mclean@selcom.co.uk
18 005 Durgan Cooper CETSAT Ltd Yeovil 12/03/2019 Durgan.Cooper@cetsat.com
19 006 John Haworth CETSAT Ltd Yeovil 12/03/2019 John.Haworth@cetsat.com
20 007 Jorge Geddes Cyber Secure Ltd Woking 23/05/2019 Jorge.geddes@cybersecure.uk.com
21 008 Susan Crooks Crux Associates Ltd Whitehaven 05/06/2019 susan@cruxassociates.co.uk



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