Environmental Essentials


The QG Environmental Management Standard, Environmental Essentials has been written using the principles of ISO 14001 which helps SME’s understand their environmental management system and then gives them an opportunity to implement a fit for purpose foundation system into their company. The standards are recognised as an externally accredited environmental management system and can be used to gain business through PQQ’s and tenders.

The QG system has two levels of assurance;

  • Environmental Essentials
  • Environmental Essentials PLUS

You define which level of assurance you require by utilising the risk matrix below……

Then give QG a call on 01228 631681 and we’ll talk you through the process.

Assurance Levels

To qualify for  your Environmental Essentials Certificate you are required to provide evidence that you meet the Environmental Essentials Requirements. We have made this easy for you by providing a Environmental Essentials Questionnaire that asks you the relevant questions, you’ll need to attach some items such as screen grabs or policy notes to evidence compliance. On completing the questionnaire to our satisfaction you will be awarded your Environmental Essentials Certificate. The successful completion of the QG Environmental Management template* meets this requirement.

You may be required to provide further assurance to your customers that you meet the requirements of the Environmental Essentials programme. This is called Environmental Essentials PLUS and involves an audit at your premises of your management systems as well as the completion of your Environmental Essentials Questionnaire.

Risk Matrix


The QG Environmental Management Standard



If you require support implementing your Environmental Management System there are QG Accredited Practitioners who have been trained by ourselves in the implementation of the QG Environmental Management Standard.  They each use the QG Management template to build and document your environmental management system and will provide a system fully compliant with the QG Environmental Management Standard.

It would not be right for Practitioners to do this alone, whilst they’ll give you guidance to produce the documentation you are required to implement the system into your own organisation. When systems are combined such as Quality and Environment only one document will be produced to combine the systems.

QG Accredited Practitioners are independent to QG Business Solutions the operator of the scheme. Practitioner support can be a combination of onsite and offsite support.


The QG Environmental Management Template is a copyrighted document used by QG Accredited Practitioners to implement systems to the QG Environmental Standard. Use of the template and practitioners can often be more cost effective than doing it yourself as systems are generally compliant first time.

Environmental Standards FAQs

What is the QG Environmental Management Standard?

QG Business Solutions Ltd offer organisations large and small, the opportunity to obtain external recognition of their environmental Management Systems prior to them gaining an ISO 14001 accreditation. The standard is recognised as an ‘ externally accredited environmental Management System, as a great number of organisations ask for in their PQQ’s and Tender documentation. The QG–EMS sits somewhere between no formal environmental system and ISO 14001 and is there to ensure that a practical system is in place, fit for purpose, and not over engineered if you are a low risk, low impact business. It also creates a stepping stone if you so wish to progress to a full UKAS ISO 14001 accreditation, where our consultants are there ready to help you on your way.

How does this help when ‘working towards ISO 14001?

The QG Standard has been written using the principles of ISO 14001 and gives formal recognition to businesses who have implemented an environmental Management System but have not yet obtained enough evidence to meet the full ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard. Some businesses currently use a consultants’ letter as evidence of ‘working towards ISO 14000’, this standard gives external recognition to this process.

Why does this work for SME’s?

The QG standards were first developed in 1994 by Cumbria Enterprise Agency to assist SME’s achieve BS5750, 80% of BS5750 for 20% of the cost. In recent years that same policy of assisting SMEs has grown to include the ISO 14000 so that large businesses can attract local SME’s break into their supply chain and thus meeting local political and economic targets. This standard works for SME’s because it is specifically designed for SME’s at the same time as meeting larger businesses need for the conformance with an ‘externally accredited Environmental Management Standard’.

Why implement an Environmental Management System?

Large organisations in the public and private sector ask in their tender documents ‘have you an externally accredited environmental management system’ Organisations expect these to follow the principles of ISO 14001 therefore we have designed a standard that sits somewhere between nothing and ISO 14001 depending on your circumstances and risk profile.

What happens when I grow?

Some businesses keep to the QG Environmental Management Standard and never go for accreditation to the ISO 14001 standard. However, if you decide you need to progress and achieve the ISO 14001 standard we are with you all the way. Our associates are qualified to assist you in achieving the appropriate standard.

How long will it take to achieve the QG standard?

This depends on what you already have in place. Unique to the QG standards is that we look at how you operate the business and document it. Providing what you do meets all ten areas of the QG Environmental Management Standard then you meet the standard. If you don’t then we will tell you what’s required, you implement it for a period of time and then achieve the standard.

How do I know what to put in my Environmental Policy?

At the present time many contractors are just looking for you to provide an environmental policy, how long this will last is anybody’s guess. What QG is able to offer is for an external environmental specialist to work with you not only to develop a fit for purpose Environmental Policy but to encapsulate it into an accredited Quality Management System which conforms to the QG Environmental Management Standard. You could of course google ‘Environmental Management Policy’ and copy another companies, but will this actually work for you if something goes wrong?


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